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If you’re sending artwork for us to include on your button, you have come to the right place to learn about what types of artwork work best. We used to have a form where you could upload it, but the maker of the plugin has made it a paid feature, so you’re going to have to email us your art from now on. Email it to us at kale the buttoneer at gmail d0t com.

Button artwork is printed on a laserjet home printer, and we do the work of laying out the page. The artwork itself needs to have padding around the edges to accommodate the paper getting wrapped around the button backing during assembly so if you’re sending in artwork, please make sure it has enough padding. The best image types are PNGs with transparent backgrounds. We don’t use any fancy software, so no AI, EPS, or INDD images, please. We can send you a template if you’d like to lay out the whole page yourself and then save it as a PDF.

Smile Buttons

We offer a type of button used in healthcare where employees are often wearing masks, called Smile Buttons. This is so patients can connect with the worker by seeing their face that is hidden behind their mask. Here are some guidelines if you are sending us a photo for use on a Smile Button.

  • Please make sure it is at least 700X700px. Larger is better. 
  • A good photo is one with all of your head visible, with plenty of background around the head, so that the button can wrap around the edges of the button frame. Not too close though! 
  • Your face should be in the centre of the photos, and straight on. If you wear glasses, please tilt them slightly to reduce glare. 
  • Try to take your photo somewhere with a plain or simple background. 
  • We don’t need your body in the shot, just focus on your face. 
  • Make sure your lighting is good. Taking photos outside often results in crisper colours and nicer lighting. Typically, the printer will print a little bit darker than what’s on your screen. 
  • Smile! They aren’t called Frown buttons!